Spider Veins, Capillaries & Vascular Lesions

Treat spider veins and capillaries

At our laser clinic in Newcastle

A laser therapy to reduce the appearance of spider veins, facial veins and vascular lesions, such as haemangiomas and venous lakes.

Suitable for: Veins, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, Venous Lakes

Laser therapy for veins and broken capillaries is a non-invasive alternative to traditional procedures on both the face and body.

A red, blotchy appearance and prominent veins are hard to cover up. So if spider veins, rosacea or vascular lesions are making you self-conscious, there is a safe and effective treatment.


Laser treatments are so effective that they’re now a routine procedure for removing spider veins and broken capillaries.

This treatment triggers the body’s natural healing processes to clear the affected veins and capillaries.

The targeted nature of laser treatment and its depth of application are beneficial for a number of conditions, including broken capillaries, haemangiomas, venous lakes, telangiectasia spider naevi (spider veins) and rosacea.

Most conditions can be treated in just one session to restore even skin tone. Book an initial consultation to learn what is possible.

How laser vein treatment works

This procedure uses the Nd:YAG laser wavelength, which is able to penetrate up to 6mm beneath the skin to the underlying vascular system.

Photothermal energy from the laser is precisely targeted at the affected area. This energy is absorbed and converted into heat, which destroys the vessel and/or vein walls, and then the body’s natural healing processes clear the area.

Because treatment stimulates a natural healing process, it is safe and effective. In response to laser application, the body will supply blood to the treated area from healthy veins and clear away the affected tissue (in much the same way as it would respond to a bruise or other damaged tissue). This leaves you with clear, even skin

Before and After

Your FAQ

This treatment is generally well tolerated. We take all measures to minimise discomfort, including using an air cooler that helps to neutralise heat from the laser.

The laser targets oxyhaemoglobin in the blood vessels, ensuring there is no disruption to the skin’s surface. This means there is minimal to no downtime after this procedure. You may experience some mild redness, but this should not interfere with normal daily activities.

In most cases we cannot successfully treat varicose veins. Once the vein becomes blue and bulbous, we recommend you investigate alternate treatments.

Most conditions can be treated in a single session, but this depends upon its severity. In your initial consultation, we assess you and provide an individual treatment plan.

You benefit from the level of care, precision and knowledge we provide (see our difference here). As a medical-grade laser clinic, we assure your comfort by giving you individual attention, custom treatment plans and long consultations.

See our pricelist for the latest pricing details. We offer payment plans via ZipMoney and Afterpay.

Book your free consultation at our laser clinic

Registered Cosmetic Nurse Sally Kinsella will perform your treatment. The first step is to book a free consultation with Sally to discuss your areas of concern and recommended number of sessions. Lock in your consultation to learn more and get started.

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A laser vein treatment is suitable for:

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