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One of the most exciting laser advancements, this treatment improves the skin's appearance, texture and complexion.

Suitable for: Skin Rejuvenation, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Scarring, Acne, Moles, Sun Damage

Laser skin resurfacing is a rejuvenation procedure that uses laser to improve the skin's appearance or treat minor facial flaws, such as pigmentation, pore size and scarring.

Medical-grade lasers target the layers of skin to improve issues including dull or dehydrated skin, the tell-tale signs of ageing, and skin texture. Treatment stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells, leaving you with supple, bright and dewy skin.


Laser skin rejuvenation is particularly effective for scarring, uneven skin tone, pore size and stubborn, deeper wrinkles – so if you haven’t had success with other skin treatments, a laser skin rejuvenation procedure could be your solution.

The level of treatment is tailored to you, meaning concerns from fine lines through to elevated benign lesions can all be effectively targeted.

Regardless of the concern, all levels of treatment remove that tough outer layer of built-up keratinised skin, then stimulate the skin cells beneath to begin the restoration process. This continues over time, generating further improvements to skin tone and complexion in the months following treatment.

Learn more and have your skin assessed in a consultation.

How laser skin resurfacing works

From sun exposure to loss of collagen, there are many reasons why skin loses its lustre over time. The Er:YAG laser we use is an effective tool for treating a variety of skin health conditions. Its different levels allow customised treatments to be tailored to different skin types and concerns. 

See a brief overview of treatment levels below, then book an initial consultation for further explanation of the best approach for your skin. 

Fractional laser skin resurfacing

This procedure is suitable for fine lines, scars, pigmentation and creating that coveted dewy, fresh appearance.

The fractional laser creates micro channels that reach the tissue beneath the outer layers of skin, which encourages the production of collagen and elastin. A light resurfacing of the skin also occurs, removing that tough outer layer of build-up. This procedure has minimal to no downtime afterwards.

Light to medium peel skin resurfacing

This procedure is suitable for more stubborn concerns, such as wrinkles. A light to medium peel treatment is strong enough to remove the outer layer of tissue, as well as superficial imperfections.

That means in addition to general skin rejuvenation, this treatment generates more substantial results. Expect a slightly longer downtime.

Ablative laser skin resurfacing

A full ablative laser treatment is suitable for removing pigmented lesions, keratosis, benign lesions and deep wrinkles. As well as rejuvenating the superficial layers of skin, the laser targets and destroys the problem tissue causing stubborn concerns.

The benefit of removing facial lesions via laser treatment is that this procedure has an incredibly low incidence of scarring when compared with surgical intervention. Plus it also has general restorative effects.

Your FAQ

Yes – it is important that we assess your skin’s suitability for this treatment. To check there are no adverse reactions to treatment, we perform a test patch prior to any light-based treatment. This can be performed at your free initial consultation (book a consultation here).

This depends on the level of treatment you have. Regardless of this, you will notice results continuing to improve gradually for months after the initial rejuvenation. Laser skin resurfacing stimulates natural skin healing, which gradually continues for months after treatment.

For maintenance of your skin, we recommend 1–2 treatments per year. Once we have details of what you wish to achieve, a treatment and maintenance plan will be discussed in your initial consultation.

A topical numbing cream is applied prior to treatment to aid with any discomfort. Once we decide on a level of ablation in your consultation, we will discuss whether you will require any further pain management after the procedure.

This will depend on the level of treatment chosen. Generally speaking, you can expect up to 10 days of redness and peeling. You may also experience mild swelling, however this is a far less common side effect.

We advise staying out of direct sunlight for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after treatment. At your consultation, you receive a comprehensive post-procedure guide so you can prepare for the procedure and have all of our recommendations on-hand afterwards.

Our difference is the level of care, precision and knowledge we provide. We were co-founded by Dr Guy Kinsella, whose career is focused solely on the treatment and management of skin and skin cancer. He has decades of experience and takes an evidence-based approach to laser treatments (see our difference here).

Registered Cosmetic Nurse Sally Kinsella cares for you, performing a thorough assessment prior to treatment to ensure your wishes and any concerns are addressed.

See our pricelist for the latest pricing details. We offer payment plans via ZipMoney and Afterpay.

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Laser skin resurfacing is suitable for:

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