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A powerful light therapy treatment, BBL will make you feel confident with younger, visibly fresher and more radiant looking skin.

Suitable for: Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Rosacea, Age Spots, Scarring

Healthy, glowing skin is attainable with this powerful light therapy treatment.

Non-invasive and delivering powerful results, BBL sets a new standard in treating pigmentation, blemishes, freckles and rosacea.  

BBL targets areas of concern to improve skin tone and condition. The result is naturally clearer, smoother and dewier skin.


It is possible to erase skin imperfections caused by ageing and sun damage in a safe, gentle manner.

BroadBand Light (called BBL) is the world’s most powerful IPL device for delivering pulsed light energy to restore skin. It is suitable for pigmentation, small facial veins and rosacea. The result is healthy, glowing skin you won’t feel you need to cover with make-up.

Studies have found that clients who received a yearly BBL treatment over a 10-year period had better skin quality and looked about 10 years younger than their actual age.

For effective results, a treatment plan is tailored to you during an initial consultation about your skin type and desired results.

How BroadBand Light (BBL) works

Pulsed light energy delivered by BBL gently heats the upper layers of the skin to target areas of concern. Broad-spectrum photothermal energy from the BBL is absorbed by pigmentation (melanin) in the skin as well as the haemoglobin in the blood vessels that causes redness.     

This absorption of heat effectively destroys brown sunspots and shuts down superficial blood vessels. The effect of the energy and heat also stimulates a wound-healing response, generating new cells and boosting collagen production.

In your initial consultation, we explain the cause of your concern (including why other treatments may not have worked), compare your treatment options and tailor your BBL treatment plan.

Before and After

Your FAQ

Any area of the body can be treated with BBL. The most common areas we treat are those most exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight, including the face, neck, back of hands, chest and shoulders.

This will vary from person to person. You will see results after just 1 session, however it can take up to 3 sessions spaced a few weeks apart (depending on the results you want to achieve).

A treatment plan is discussed in your initial consultation after we discuss your concerns and assess your skin. A test patch will also be conducted to ensure safety and that there are no side effects, such as blistering or burning.

Our difference is the level of care, experience and knowledge we provide (see what to expect when you visit us here).  

Prior to your treatment, Registered Cosmetic Nurse and Laser Therapist Sally meets with you for a consultation. She performs a thorough skin assessment to determine the treatment plan for your skin.

This gentle procedure is safe and non-invasive, with minimal to no downtime.

You may experience some mild to moderate redness and a mild heat sensation, however this is short-lived. Some pigmented lesions will darken; these dark spots will fade and flake off over the coming week.

See our pricelist for the latest pricing details. We offer payment plans via ZipMoney and Afterpay.

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Registered Cosmetic Nurse Sally Kinsella will perform your treatment. The first step is to book a free consultation with Sally to discuss your areas of concern and recommended number of sessions. Lock in your consultation to learn more and get started.

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BroadBand Light (BBL) is suitable for:

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