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Combination laser treatment to heal active acne, prevent new breakouts and minimise the appearance of acne scarring.

Suitable for: Skin Rejuvenation, Acne, Acne Scarring

Acne does not discriminate: it occurs in men and women at any age.

If you have tried everything, a laser acne treatment may help you finally take control and feel confident again.

Our gentle laser system treats active acne and acne scarring, creating smoother skin and a clearer complexion.


Ready to stop worrying about breakouts? Our laser acne treatment is clinically proven to reduce and target…

By targeting bacteria within overactive sebaceous glands, this treatment heals active acne and also prevents new acne inflammations from developing.

Acne treatment is suitable for all skin types and all kinds of problematic acne. It is a safe yet gentle treatment that preserves your healthy skin cells and does not expose you to harsh creams or serums.

As well as reducing acne, this treatment also improves overall skin quality and texture, creating a healthy appearance.

How acne laser treatment works

Our laser system has two wavelengths designed for active acne and acne scarring. That means we can tailor your treatment to target both in the same session.

Active acne treatment

Active acne is treated using the Nd:YAG wavelength that  penetrates the surface of the acne. Photoselective absorption from the laser, together with controlled heating, thermally and selectively destroys the bacteria within the overactive sebaceous glands. This results in reduced inflammation.

The laser also accelerates the skin’s natural healing process to restore skin quality, health and texture. Collagen remodelling occurs as part of this process, which is beneficial for the long-term treatment of acne.

Acne scarring treatment

The Er:YAG wavelength is a proven treatment for acne scars – and a more targeted and gentle alternative to chemical peels and dermabrasion (this is due to its precision and controlled depth of penetration).

At Hunter Cosmetic and Laser, our Er:YAG laser system precisely targets scarring, leaving the healthy surrounding tissue undamaged. The precision of this system also means it only works on the scar’s surface and does not penetrate the healthy layers of skin beneath.

Upon application, the laser beam is absorbed by the top layers of the skin, vaporising scarred tissue and stimulating the production of new collagen in the dermis.

To learn more about how laser acne treatment works and the results you could achieve, book a free initial consultation.

Your FAQ

No – a cooling system is used throughout the duration of the procedure. As the heat of the laser penetrates the tissue, the cooling system balances the effects of the heat for your comfort.

This will depend on the extent of your acne condition. Up to 5 weekly treatments may be recommended to get outbreaks under control.

Acne treatment with the Nd:YAG laser is a non-ablative procedure (meaning it does not remove any tissue). As such, there is no downtime and you can continue with daily activities. The treated area will have a flushed appearance directly after treatment, however this will subside over a few hours.

A mild stinging sensation will be noted after an Er:YAG treatment (this is not unlike a mild sunburn). Quite often the skin peels around day 3 or 4, which is completely normal and to be expected.      

We appreciate that each individual is unique – thus, treatments are personalised accordingly. Our difference is an individualised approach to treatment plans, together with 10+ years of experience in evidence-based laser skin treatments. Learn more about our different here.

See our pricelist for the latest pricing details. We offer payment plans via ZipMoney and Afterpay.

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An acne laser treatment is suitable for:

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